What exactly does a proofreader do?

Proofreaders check for...

  • Correct spelling and punctuation

  • Proper grammar 

  • Correct word usage (to/too/two)

  • Repeated or missing words

  • Sentence structure

  • Formatting (paragraph indentation, font size, etc.)

Proofreaders do not...

  • Edit syntax

  • Rewrite sentences

  • Provide feedback on the text overall

  • Suggest changes outside of what's included in the list opposite

What can I proofread for you?

  • Emails and correspondence

  • Blog posts

  • Research papers and essays

  • Web pages

  • Marketing materials

  • Short stories

  • Books and e-books

  • Magazine articles

  • Works of nonfiction

...And most anything else of a non-technical nature. Just ask!

I primarily use The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th Edition, and the Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary. I am also well-versed in the Modern Language Association (MLA) Style from my eight years in higher education. If there is another style guide you prefer, I am happy to use it. 

Which references do I use?

How do I proofread your material?

I am happy to use Word with track changes, Google Docs with suggestions, or a PDF with comments. I will use whichever is your preference. 

What makes me qualified to do this?

Click here to view a copy of my certificate. 

  • Bachelor of Science, English Literature

  • Master of Arts, English Literature

  • I have spent many years in professional settings proofreading the work of my colleagues and clients. I was often sought out to review documents for my peers, and was highly valued as an expert in punctuation, spelling, and grammar.

  • To see a copy of my résumé, click here.

Have materials you need proofread? Check out my rates, then contact me!

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